What do I put in fstab to get my DVD/CDROM burner to work?

Chuck Robey chuckr at chuckr.org
Sat Nov 17 14:57:44 PST 2007

Joshua Isom wrote:
> On Nov 16, 2007, at 10:56 PM, Yeef wrote:
>> this is work for me  freebsd 6.2-RELEASE
>> /dev/acd0               /cdrom          cd9660  ro,noauto       0       0
>> you should use root mount it.
> Or set vfs.usermount to 1, if I remember right.  I can't recall what's 
> the proper method for setting it at boot, rc.conf or loader.conf.  The 
> default is 0, which is what I have it set to, more to annoy me than 
> security(personal server behind a buggy router/firewall).
> I have a dvd-rw and cd-rw in the same box, and I haven't recalled any 
> problems with access(except from dvd speed which I'm hoping for an 
> answer or fix for) or writing.
>> On Nov 17, 2007 12:50 PM, Gary Kline <kline at tao.thought.org> wrote:
>>> On Fri, Nov 16, 2007 at 10:24:30PM -0500, Chris Hill wrote:
>>>         I think I have this page bookmarked; can't find it.  I'll try
>>>         "rw" and "ro".   Can either you or David explain why I get a
>>>         popup error: Can't mount volume. [?] When I clicked on the
>>>         Details, it says:
>>>                 mount_cd9660: /dev/acd1: Operation not permitted
>>>         I click  on "System" (upper left) -> Preferences ->
>>>         "Removable Drives and Media Prederences"  and select every
>>>         peermissions box.   Nothing.   (I'm using a data disk, not
>>>         audio.)

Gary, I've watched for this to go awhile before i went and jumped in, to 
ask my question ... it's about my cdrom drive, whic is a sony, one 
that's been 100% reliable for me, I used it regularly under linux with 
k3b to burn stuff.  Now, under FreeBSD, k3b won't even recognize it as a 
ro or rw cd drive at all.  I can coax burncd to burn bootable disks 
successfully with it, but after the command completes, all further 
accesses to the drive return "device busy", and I have to reboot FreeBSD 
in order to even eject the cd.  The only way I even knew the disk was ok 
was because afterwards, it tried to boot the machine from the disk image 
of a FreeBSD boot disk (which is what I was burning, for a different 
machine, an AMD64 next to it).  Lucky that this machine is even binarily 
compatible (the Intel box is a 64 bit processor, so it boots AMD64 fine, 
but I didn't install it that way).

Anyhow, how could I either coax k3b to recognize it, or get burncd to 
let the disk go after it's finished with it?

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