Making mergemaster skip certain files

Roland Smith rsmith at
Sat Nov 17 01:52:53 PST 2007

On Fri, Nov 16, 2007 at 10:34:26PM -0600, J. Porter Clark wrote:
> Is there any way to keep certain files out of the reach of
> mergemaster?  I understand the need for carefully merging the
> old and the new, but I really shouldn't ever have to for files
> like these:
>   /etc/aliases
>   /etc/hosts
>   /etc/hosts.allow
>   /etc/manpath.config
>   ... and many others.

Set the system immutable and undeletable flags (as root);

chflags schg,sunlnk /etc/aliases /etc/hosts /etc/hosts.allow \

> Mergemaster has so many options that I'm fairly certain that
> there must be some way to do this.

There is an option you can set in /etc/mergemaster.rc to ignore
/etc/motd, and the -P option to preserve replaced files.

Of course you can always hack it to ignore some files.

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