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From: john jerry
It is my pleasure to write you in respect of my Companies,We import and<BR>export all kinds of food and farm materials into various countries.We<BR>are searching for reliable representatives who can help us establish a<BR>medium of getting to our customers in Canada and the USA as well as<BR>legally receiving cash and all forms of payment on our behalf from Our<BR>customers as our Representative.All you need to do is receive this<BR>payment from ourclients in the States or Canada and get it cashed in<BR>your bank or a cashing center then deduct your 10% and forward the<BR>balance to the company,down here via money gram or western union money transfer<BR><BR>FULL NAME<BR>ADDRESS<BR>CITY<BR>STATE<BR>ZIP CODE<BR>PHONE NUMBER<BR>EMAIL ADDRESS<BR><BR>To apply for this position,send the informations requested above to<BR>the contact information provided below.<BR><BR>Contact Person: <BR>Email: johnjerrycompany at gmail.com<BR>Time: 24 Hours daily by e-mail<BR><BR>John jerry.
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