Help how to set up networking for ftp install

kev sadasda kevcormier at
Fri Nov 16 13:26:56 PST 2007

> Is your router functioning as a firewall too?
> Maybe you have to look in to passive ftp.

But it isnt getting to the ftp part it is not even
getting the infos from the dhcp server.

> Does the network options screen fill in the values
> automatically?

No it is all blank. So I tried filling it in but it
didnt work.

> Do you try IPv6 configuration?

I tried it but it didnt do anything I am sure I am not
useing ipv6.

> Have you tried to unplug your modem from the power
> for 1 minute? Usually, this is an advise you'll get
> from Shaw support. And usually, it really helps.

I tried that but it didnt help.

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