multihome network

Steve Bertrand iaccounts at
Fri Nov 16 09:08:05 PST 2007

alexus wrote:
> my private IP that eventually resolves to public IP through PIX is
> different then coming from my other public IP that assigned on my fxp1
> that comes from another ISP, the fxp1 IP already configured this way
> so it pass everything to my box
> what i've tried is adding route on my box
> route add

Wait a minute...this doesn't look right...

Try this:

# route add $homeIP/$netmask $gateway


- if you have a static IP at 'home', $netmask should be /32, otherwise,
you'll need to shorten the prefix (such like /24) This will depend on
your 'home' Internet provider setup

- $gateway is the next hop upstream on the interface that has
216.112.241.x address on it.


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