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Aryeh M. Friedman aryeh.friedman at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 21:42:44 PST 2007

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Garrett Cooper wrote:
> Tim Daneliuk wrote:
>> Jonathan Horne wrote:
>>> On Wednesday 14 November 2007 03:45:07 pm Aryeh M. Friedman
>>> wrote:
>>>>> Impressive ;-) My main machine (with an Athlon XP @ 2GHz)
>>>>> takes ~2 hours to build kernel and world (I use a script to
>>>>> do that). My other box is running -CURRENT and takes ~11
>>>>> hours to build kernel and world (Celeron 500...).
>>>>> Just to supply some numbers that "go the other direction"
>>>>> :-)
>>>> With no -j and running gnome and doing other things in the
>>>> foreground (watching a avi) 1 hr 3 mins on a e6850 w/ 4 gig
>>>> (amd64)
>>> p4 540 3.2GHz, 1GB ram:
>>> --------------------------------------------------------------
>>>>>> World build completed on Thu Nov 15 19:15:05 CST 2007
>>> --------------------------------------------------------------
>>> real    63m8.635s user    102m44.096s sys     10m44.889s
>>> [root at athena /usr/src]#
>>> heh, i have appropriately renamed the thread.  :)  with -j 8
>>> cheers,
>> My Pentium-D 3G DualCore w/2G memory and a pretty vanilla SATA
>> drive does buildworld and 3 different kernels in 68 minutes wall
>> time building 6.3-PRE (aka -STABLE) using -j20.
> SMP kernels on STABLE (6.x) are going to perform worse than SMP
> kernels on CURRENT (7-RELENG / 8-CURRENT), depending on the
> scheduler used (4BSD vs ULE scheduler), as well as a variety of
> other factors.
> Remember... performance not only depends upon clock speed or the
> number of cores you have, but also what caching/prefetching scheme
> FreeBSD uses (not sure if it's fetches large amounts infrequently
> or small amounts frequently), how much memory is available to make
> and its spawned processes (gcc, awk, etc), as well as the number of
>  processes active on the machine, and host usage (high disk usage,
> high memory usage, etc).
> After reading through the thread, I noticed that people are making
> comparing apples to oranges, as...

Some people are taking this thread *WAY TOO SERIOUS* as far I can tell
it is meant as a light hearted lets post funny numbers thread.

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