selfbuild packages repository

Doug Poland doug at
Thu Nov 15 06:24:11 PST 2007

Jonathan Horne wrote:
> lately, ive been exclusively doing 'make package-recursive' and 
> 'portupgrade -apP', and have thus collected quite a lot of packages over 
> the past 6 months (which use to keep multiple systems updated).
> on my NFS server, my /usr/ports/packages/All directory has built up many 
> incrementing versions of the same packages.  is there a way to keep the 
> ./All directory culled back match whatever is in ./Latest?
> im not a programmer and am about as novice as you can get when it comes 
> to shell scripting, but im seeing somethign that could compare ./Latest 
> with ./All, and anything that is linked from Latest to All would be 
> kept, and anything that no longer has a symlink, would be purged.
> can anyone help me out with a nice way of doing this?
I think that's what portsclean -P is all about.


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