Can anyone recommend an external firewire-based drive?

David Kelly dkelly at
Wed Nov 14 12:58:21 PST 2007

On Wed, Nov 14, 2007 at 12:23:53PM -0800, George Hartzell wrote:
> David Kelly writes:
> > 
> > I haven't used it with FreeBSD but my Seagate 300G works very with
> > Macintosh. LaCie is another highly respected brand among Mac users.
> Are you running Mac OS X on your mac, or FreeBSD?

I see little point in running FreeBSD on my Mac. I have other boxes
which run FreeBSD perfectly fine so it would be a waste of a perfectly
good MacOS X. A Dell with FreeBSD is an excellent coprocessor for a Mac.

Many FreeBSD things run perfectly fine on MacOS. I'd like avr-gcc to run
as well on Mac as on FreeBSD, but its only svn and away
from my Mac. And not currently worth my effort to properly build a
current version on the Mac.

I rather like editing in BBedit on the Mac. I think the free
TextWrangler would be just as good for my use but don't remember if
integrated CVS and SVN are included.

Downloaded, installed, checked, nope. No CVS/SVN from within

> I'm planning to buy myself a mac pro in the near future (as soon as
> they announce the penryn based models) and am planning to dual boot
> RELENG_7 on it.

I bought one of the first quad 2.6 GHz Mac Pros. Its sweet! Strangely
not as solid as my dual G4-867 GHz. The Mac Pro almost always wakes
immediately from sleep when manually invoked but stays down the 2nd
time. Since Leopard it has failed to properly wake from sleep twice. But
no such problem with the G4. 

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