master->backup CARP issue

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Wed Nov 14 05:24:00 PST 2007

Hello Girish,

Wednesday, November 14, 2007, 1:25:41 PM, Girish Venkatachalam <girishvenkatachalam at> wrote:

GV> On 09:50:51 Nov 14, Eugene wrote:
>> Hello freebsd,
>> We have two FreeBSD boxes, each one has 4 CARP interfaces in
>> preempt
>> mode, without arp balancing.
>> Backup without any reason preempts Master and after a while
>> (an hour
>> or two) it becomes Backup again.
>> When Backup becomes Master on Master box
>> net.inet.carp.suppress_preempt: 1, but all interfaces are up and
>> seemed to work properly.
>> Is there any ways to debug this issue?
>> Thanks in advance!

GV> I could be talking nonsense but still...
GV> Have you tried adjusting the "advskew" and "advbase" parameters?
GV> Another thing. Are the NICs reliable?
GV> Have you tried with a different NIC?
GV> Looks like you don't have a faulty NIC here. So it could be the
GV> other
GV> possibility.

No, actually i haven't tried to play with "advskew" and "advbase"
parameters, and I'll give it a try, thanks. I'll report results if it

Yes, NIC's seemed to be reliable.

If I should try a different NIC then which one should I switch, all

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