How to see UNICODE character number?

David J Brooks freysman at
Wed Nov 14 01:11:36 PST 2007

On Wednesday 14 November 2007 02:19:35 am Yuri wrote:
> > > All programs just show the character itself when I paste it :-)
> >
> > Have you tried kcharselect ?
> Tried it now. When I paste the character to the box in the bottom and press
> Enter nothing happens.
> I would like to see it's UNICODE number (like &9991;)
> But it goes the opposite way: from UNICODE number to the character.
> The problem though that there are ~20K Chinese characters in UNICODE table.

You can look up the character on the table and get the code point. 來 =  
U+4f86, but with 20k characters that would be a hassle. Sorry I couldn't be 
more helpful.

Soon to be a major religion.

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