One Laptop Per Child

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Tue Nov 13 07:22:53 PST 2007

On Nov 13, 2007 2:52 PM, Rob <bitabyss at> wrote:
> > I am usually not the one to bring up these things but I feel very
> > strongly about this. Starting Monday, November 12 this website is
> > offering a give one get one deal. I believe the money will be well
> > invested. YMMV
> >
> I have to agree with many posters, this project is the most seriously
> misdirected, biggest crock of shit I've heard of in years.
> We're talkin' people in 3rd world conditions, without basic essentials
> of life, and some idiot wants to give them COMPUTERS?!?!?   WFT?  Where
> are they gonna get electricity to charge them, instruction in use,
> repair, software updates, etc.  And they don't have toilet paper, so all
> the keys on the left half are gonna go bad!

when the F! is this going to end?

all that is happening here is an exchange of stereotype opinions about
the matter. nothing new, nothing original, nothing is going to come
out of this, all this has been discussed already on numerous sites (
slashdot, digg, wherever ).

your opinion is useless to freebsd-questions. please go annoy your
relatives and friends.

furthermore, you are extremely short sighted. are you aware rice was
dumped in some African countries which ruined their local rice
farmers? ever heard of "learned helplessness"? ever considered that
not all children in 3rd world countries starve to death?

if anyone wants to ramble on, please do so on the chat list. or bugger
of to digg.

pardon my french,


PS: you should be ashamed of yourself regarding your statement about
the toilet paper.

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