Msdos/FAT stability issues

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Tue Nov 13 01:14:27 PST 2007

Hi list,

    Recently I've been experimenting with fetching files via bittorrent
clients, and storing torrents as well as their resulting files on a
fat formatted slice (automatically recognized and setup during fbsd
installation a couple of years ago). Now after adding around ~three or
more concurrent torrents something happens with the fat slice and/or
its driver. All programs trying to access the slice will freeze and
this even includes the Gnome desktop. During shutdown, flushing of a
little more than 1600 buffers fails.
    I run 6.2-release. Does the FAT driver contain known concurrency
issues, and can I work around them by using certain mount
parameters??? I have tried two different clients - ctorrent and
transmission - and they both behave the same. All is well when using a
std ufs slice.

    br Nikolaj

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