Ports with GUI configs

[LoN]Kamikaze LoN_Kamikaze at gmx.de
Mon Nov 12 22:18:56 PST 2007

Chuck Robey wrote:
> Garrett Cooper wrote:
>> [LoN]Kamikaze wrote:
>>> Garrett Cooper wrote:
>>>    USE flags are a pain in the ass (former Gentoo user of 3 years).
>>>> Introducing that type of complexity into a ports system isn't necessary
>>>> and does unexpected things at times for end-users when developers
>>>> change
>>>> variable names or behavior, which happened quite often with Gentoo.
>>>>    make config-all or something similar to have people fill in their
>>>> desired config info in all of the ncurses config sections would however
>>>> be a much better idea I think..
>>>> -Garrett
>>> Are you talking about make config-recursive?
>> Yes =\. Lemme guess.. that's already an option :)?
> I hope not.  We really need to move this out of being a ports buildtime
> thing.  Currently, to build ports in batch either requires someone to be
> chained to the computer, so as to intercept all those screens, or to
> simply agree to install everything, with no inpput whatever.  These are
> both bad options.

No, you got it wrong. You run 'make config-recursive' and get all the
configure screens at once. Afterwards you can just run 'make install clean'
and go away. Read the ports(7) manpage.

If you're using sysutils/bsdadminscripts you can run 'portconfig-recursive -a'
before a 'portupgrade -a' in order to avoid having someone sit in front of the
machine during the portupgrade.

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