Claws+spamd: No spam is detected

Olivier Nicole on at
Mon Nov 12 18:49:45 PST 2007


> > > I have Claws-Mail and spamd installed (from ports) and although I
> > > have been using this combination -I've been been manually marking
> > > all spams as 'spam'- for more than 2 months, still _no_ spam
> > > message is detected.
> > >
> > > I've followed the instructions on Claws/spamd wiki.  I've got the
> > > followings in /etc/rc.conf:
> > >    spamd_enable="YES"
> > >    spamd_flags="-C /usr/local/etc/spamd -i -p 783 -u
> > > spamd -d -l"
> > > Also Claws configuration parameters exactly match the spamd_flags
> > > above.

1) are you sure spamd is working fine? Did you try to send a message
   to spamd to check the marking? (clue use spamc to send a message to

2) I know nothing about claws, but running a spam detector at the mail
   client is very in efficient: every messages need to be downloaded
   anyway to be tested, it woul dbe much better to run spam detector
   at the MTA/MDA level, so your mailbox contains only ham and your
   mail client (claws) only sees ham.

3) in claws did you try to look at the full message headers (some time
   called the source of the message): some "clever" (so they thought)
   mail client hide most of the headers, so you woul dnot see
   SpamAssassin markup.



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