7.0 install

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at u.washington.edu
Mon Nov 12 11:51:37 PST 2007

Chad Albert wrote:
> I have downloaded the 7.0 beta 2 ISO file for i386.  I am trying to 
> install it on an ASUS G1S laptop.  6.2 works very nicely all except 
> support for the WIFI card (Intel 4965AGN).  When I insert the Install 
> CD and start going through the steps, it seems as if every key I press 
> sends a ctrl key with it.  When I choose to create a partition it just 
> pops up and aks if I would like to abort or restart the install.  Has 
> anybody else seen this?  I don't see a report of it anywhere, but I 
> thought I would ask here before submitting a pr.
> -- 
> Chad Albert, MCSE, MCP+I

I'd follow the suggestion made by RW and be sure to report this issue 
after looking at the following directions: 


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