flash: linux firefox vs linuxpluginwrapper

Mark Moellering mark at msen.com
Mon Nov 12 06:39:01 PST 2007

On Friday 09 November 2007 4:20 pm, John wrote:
> I've been struggling to get a handle on the FreeBSD system.  Making good
> progress, but then I ran into the fact that Firefox on FreeBSD can't do
> flash.  Definite showstopper, for me.  Ok, then I tried to use the
> linuxpluginwrapper approach, and it didn't work.
> It made me recall, in reading up on FreeBSD, I did see where somebody
> installed both Firefox and Linx-firefox.
> So before I do battle with this Linux wrapper approach, I wondered if I
> would be better off simply installing the Linux-firefox?
> Is that easier?  More likely to work?
> Does it perform almost as well as the native FreeBSD version?
> Any input would be appreciated.
> John


	I posed a similar question on this list a short time ago.  Right now, the 
only 'Flash' working on either Linux or native is Flash 7, which does not 
work on many sites.  To get Flash 9, you need to use wine under freebsd and 
install the windows version of Firefox.  I have been told that this solution 
works fine "out of the box" on FreeBSD 6.2 but I have not yet confirmed.

Mark Moellering
mark at msen.com

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