make configure vs first make

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Sun Nov 11 10:23:48 PST 2007

[LoN]Kamikaze wrote:
> Le Cocq Michel wrote:
>> Matthew Seaman a écrit :
>>> That's because you need to do:
>>>    make config
>>> which has a very different effect to 'make configure.'
>>> 	Matthew
>> can you explain the != ?
>> thanks
>> Michel
> make configure
> runs the configure build stage if the port has one.
> make config
> calls the config dialogue

Use 'make rmconfig' it wipes out the stored options.  Look into the 
Makefile for lines specifying options "OPTIONS="

Oh, yeah, the != (which is documented in the make(7) man page, which is 
a very good document) means, send the text in that defition to the 
shell, and set the variable to whatever the shell returns, like

MYNAME != echo $$USER

(you need the two dollar signs, because you want the dollar sign to get 
to the shell, but Make itself will eat the first one, so send two of 
them to get one out to the shell.)

You know one great way to learn make?  in ports, directory Mk, is a 
bunch of make template files, and the one named is a 
fantastic doument that clearly illustrates just about every good method 
that's available in BSD's make.  BSD's make is a very, very good one, 
too.  Greatly different than the GNU make.
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