Claws+spamd: No spam is detected

Bahman M. b.movaqar at
Sun Nov 11 08:15:28 PST 2007

Hi all,

I have Claws-Mail and spamd installed (from ports) and although I have
been using this combination -I've been been manually marking all spams
as 'spam'- for more than 2 months, still _no_ spam message is detected.

I've followed the instructions on Claws/spamd wiki.  I've got the
followings in /etc/rc.conf:
   spamd_flags="-C /usr/local/etc/spamd -i -p 783 -u spamd -d
Also Claws configuration parameters exactly match the spamd_flags above.

System information:
% uname -a
FreeBSD attila 6.2-RELEASE-p7 FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE-p7 #2: Fri Sep  7
14:23:40 IRST 2007     root at attila:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/HELIUM  i386

% spamd -V
SpamAssassin Server version 3.2.3
  running on Perl 5.8.8
  with SSL support (IO::Socket::SSL 1.08)
  with zlib support (Compress::Zlib 2.006)

% claws-mail --version
Claws Mail version 3.0.0

What am I doing wrong?  What should I do to enable Claws/spamd detect
spam? I'd appreciate any hint/help.


Bahman Movaqar

Whenever there are great virtues, it's a sure sign something's wrong.
-Bertolt Brecht

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