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Sat Nov 10 19:52:59 PST 2007

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I'd welcome suggestions on how (or whether) to try to revive a SCSI
drive that's failing.

This is on FreeBSD 6.2-RELENG on a Compaq Proliant DL320, onboard RAID
and two SCSI drives in a RAID1 array.

Today this system rebooted and hung on Compaq's "what do you want the
RAID controller to do?" message. I told it to fix any errors.

When I brought the system back up (after running fsck in single-user
mode), the log had lots of errors like this:

Nov 10 09:00:40 mail kernel: ida0: hard write error
Nov 10 09:00:40 mail kernel: ida0: invalid request
Nov 10 09:01:48 mail last message repeated 35 times
Nov 10 09:03:49 mail last message repeated 571 times
Nov 10 09:12:27 mail last message repeated 796 times

I vaguely remember trying about a year ago to load a SMART utility from
the ports collection but it wouldn't work on drives in a RAID array.

Is there some other way to:

a) diagnose/fix the errant disk here?
b) monitor the health of disks on a Compaq controller so it doesn't get
to this point to begin with?

thanks in advance


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