Install problems on Dell Vostro

McCy Ron ron at
Fri Nov 9 19:24:28 PST 2007

Jerahmy Pocott wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm having difficulties getting 6.2 installed on these new Dell  
> 'Vostro' systems.
> The BIOS is a Phoenix - AwardBIOS and it reports the version as 1.0.3.
> With the SATA controller set to IDE mode (default) in the BIOS  
> booting FreeBSD
> will hang just before entering sysinstall, booting with ACPI disabled  
> stops this
> but then no disk drives are found! I got around this by setting the  
> SATA mode to
> RAID in the BIOS (this seems to make the disk appear as SCSI), then  
> it doesn't
> crash with ACPI enabled (with ACPI disabled no disks are found still)  
> and the
> disk is found.
> The system only has USB inputs (8 of them) and with the USB  
> Controller set
> to 'High Speed' in the BIOS, the keyboard stops working once  
> sysinstall starts
> (though it works in the boot menu), however setting it to 'Full/Low  
> Speed' makes
> it work in sysinstall. I probably don't care about using High Speed  
> USB devices
> any way, but it would be nice if they could work, but this isn't the  
> major issue.
> Now finally I can get into sysinstall and partition the disk, but the  
> network interface
> is not detected. It says it is an 'Intel 82562V-2' (on board), but I  
> see no probes about
> it on booting FreeBSD. Is this interface supported? Any ideas on  
> getting it detected?
> I feel the ACPI might be a problem? On booting it is reported as  
> 'ACPI: Dell FX 09'
> Thanks!
> J.
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I was able to get 6.2 to install on a Vostro with stock BIOS settings 
but couldn't get the system to recognize the network card. network.  
Just for reference - Knoppix, Ubuntu, FreesBie live CDs, and a straight 
install of Ubuntu 7.04 didn't work either. There is something strange 
about this computer.....Windows XP, ofcourse, works.

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