Help:Install RPMS on FreeBSD 6.2

Boris Samorodov bsam at
Fri Nov 9 12:45:54 PST 2007

Hello Beyondran,

On Fri, 9 Nov 2007 21:52:57 +0800 冉俊秀 wrote:

> Hello,I have just install rpm-3.0.6 via /usr/ports/archivers/rpm.
> And I get some ERROR like below when trying to install
> libc5compat-1.0-5.i586.rpm  via rpm.

> host# /usr/local/bin/rpm -Uvh libc5compat-1.0-5.i586.rpm

> error: failed dependencies:
>          /bin/sh   is needed by libc5compat-1.0-5
>          /sbin/ldconfig    is needed by libc5compat-1.0-5

> But I can find  /bin/sh  and  /sbin/ldconfig on my FreeBSD 6.2.
> How can I solve this problem,could anyone help me.
> Many thanks.

The main idea is routher simple:
# rpm2cpio < the_package.rpm | cpio -id --quiet

That's it. Mind some tips though:
. better to use /compat/linux as a directory prefix;
. linux binaries (not libraries!) should be branded (man(1) brandelf);
. we use only i386.rpm packages (not i586.rpm);
. it's always better to create a port, submit and use it. ;-)

For some references you may look at /usr/ports/Mk/
and linux ports (ex. /usr/ports/audio/linux-*,

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