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Thu Nov 8 12:29:38 PST 2007

On Thu, Nov 08, 2007 at 02:15:11PM -0500, Rob wrote:

> Leonard Lilla wrote:
> >            Talk about a horrible install. Install this CD, now that now
> >this now that now this now that!!! It goes on and on. Please do think about
> >people that are trying your install and are less knowledgeable and install
> >using your 2 cd install. It is just horrible how many times I went from CD1
> You're doing something wrong, or at least sub-optimal.  Unfortunately, some 
> of the online documentation isn't as good as it could be.
> I NEVER screw with the 2nd CD.  I don't even download it.  Try installing 
> from CD 1;  do NOT do any of the ports or package installs.  That stuff is 
> out of data by the time you install it anyway.  Read up in the handbook on 
> how to use portsnap to install a current version of ports over the net, 
> port installation.

Basically yah, but one qualification and one disagreement here.
As stated, don't bother with CD-2 unless you do not have a network
connection.  Use the CD just to start the installer and do the
install over the net if you can.  

Sure, don't install the packages, unless you have to for some reason.
Also, don't install the ports tree from the CD.  Do all installs 
over the net.

But, do install the ports tree - note, that's the ports tree/skeleton
not the whole bunch of actual ports.   

Too bad the same word gets used for both a lot.   The tree/skeleton is 
a basic set of directories with enough information to download and 
install whichever ports you want.  Once the ports tree/skeleton is 
there and appropriately updated, you just cd to  /usr/ports/CATEGORY/PORT 
and do a   make; make install   to get the actual port installed.

Anyway, once you get the initial install of system and ports, then the 
first thing you do after getting that done and creating a couple of 
working accounts is to csup everything, including ports, over the net 
and build and merge and reboot as the instructions tell you.

Then install individual ports and check them out.


> If you're trying to build a workstation (ie:  with X') rather than a 
> server, consider using PC-BSD or Freesbie (google it).
>  -Rob
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