Botched upgrade, need help

Andrew Falanga af300wsm at
Thu Nov 8 08:49:06 PST 2007

Well, at last I think it's botched.  I really was following the directions
(I have the script file as UPDATING suggests to prove it :-), but the
upgrade didn't work as the X server failed to start after I rebooted.  I'm
hoping some kind person here will know the answer before I e-mail the list
mentioned in that section of UPDATING.  Anyway, that's basically, what
happened.  I have kdm set to start on bootup and it complained that X failed
to start.

When I got to the point of "portupgrade -aP" in the UPDATING section for 6.9 -> 7.2; I decided to go with that command instead of "portupgrade
-a" thinking that by now, even for amd64, the packages would be available.
Perhaps a bad assumption.  Anyway, once that completed, the stats reported
by portupgrade were disconcerting but I thought that it was ok and
continued.  portupgrade reported that only 2 packages were porcessed, most
were ignored with 50 some skipped and 1 failed.

I then proceeded to the script, ran that and when I was
satisfied that all was done as expected, I rebooted my machine.  Well,
that's when X failed to start.  So, how would I go about correcting this


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