6.1 install and multiple drives

Jay Aikat jaikat at email.unc.edu
Thu Nov 8 07:23:18 PST 2007

I am trying to install FreeBSD 6.1 on a Dell Poweredge 2900 which has an Intel 
dual-core processor, and 8 drives on a SATA backplane, connected to a PERC 5i 
controller.  They are setup as just a bunch of disks, and not raided.

Here's the issue:
-- 6.2 installs fine (but I need 6.1 for some hardware we installed on this 
machine that only works with 6.1, not 6.2)

-- 6.1 install fails with a vm-fault error after starting to write to disk0 (if 
all 8 drives have been fdisked and labeled).

-- 6.1 installs fine if I fdisk and label only the drive0 (mfid0)

But after installing 6.1 using only one drive, if I then run sysinstall to add 
more drives, fdisk works fine, but when I run label, and then "write" it 
crashes, and then I can't even boot into the disk0 b/c its partitions have 
become corrupted.

What seems to be happening is that "label" somehow seems to be duplicating the 
/var partition in disk0 into the disk1 partition.  Then if I add disk2, label 
seems to be duplicating the disk1 partition onto disk2.  (this duplication 
problem I discover when I try to label outside of sysinstall).

Has anyone seen this bizarre behavior - seems like a bug in bsdlabel in 6.1 - 
not sure.  Any help or suggestions are highly appreciated.  Thanks,

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