Duplicate existing FreeBSD Server in VM

Terry Sposato terry at sucked-in.com
Wed Nov 7 21:09:17 PST 2007



I have just installed a machine and have it setup running a web based CRM
solution. I want to have an exact duplicate of this machine running as a VM
for redundancy reasons. 


What is the best way to go about getting this exact machine transferred to
the VM? Both machines exist on the same network and will be able to talk to
each other, I have been thinking of a couple of different ways to get all my
data across which is the easy part, but I want to match everything that is
installed, base system, ports etc.


Anyone have any ideas or point me into the right direction?


I know I have already asked this question but there is a slight difference,
the real server is running FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE-p8 AMD64 version. The
duplicated version which will be running in a VM is only going to be the
i386 version. What would be the best way to attack this problem? 


The stuff that needs to be synced would be a MySQL database along with a
website. Everything else probably doesn't matter...






Have you been sucked in?


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