TCP/IP questions

Bram bram at
Wed Nov 7 08:21:32 PST 2007

Hi all,

Can you change the timeout for a tcp connection ?
I need to do the following: start a tcp connection , unplug the network 
cable (it's actually wifi but the effect is the same),send some data 
over the connection,wait 20 seconds , reinsert the network cable and 
just keep working.
When you normally do this the connection will be dead.
Is there a way in freebsd to change this ? are there parameters wich you 
can set so that the above would work (20 seconds without network can 
happen) ?

If not is there a common way to tunnel these tcp connections over udp so 
that the problem doesn't happen.
I found a perl script 
but it behaves kind off strange on freebsd, with this script I was able 
to get the behaviour I wanted.

Sorry for my poor english, this is very difficult to explain

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