FreeBSD 5.4 and PERC 5i controller

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Tue Nov 6 09:59:23 PST 2007

Jay Aikat wrote:

> Thanks for your response.  Yes, unfortunately, the DAG software for 
> the DAG card we wish to use on this machine supports 5.4, but has not 
> been thoroughly tested for more recent versions of FreeBSD.  We could 
> use Linux, but I prefer FreeBSD.
> I am exploring switching the PERC 5i with a PERC 4 controller on this 
> machine (it's a Dell Poweredge 2900).  The PERC 4 is supported in 5.4

Your other option would be to try the DAG software using compat5x port 
under 6.2/3 or even 7.  Depends how easy and cheap switching controllers 
is relative to your time.

PERC 4(Di?) works fine in a 2850 under 5.4, but 5.4 is no longer 
supported at all, so no security fixes, so you'd better keep the machine 
well insulated.


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