Incomplete file listing with Samba on ext2fs

Rainer Schwarze rsc at
Mon Nov 5 14:45:31 PST 2007


I've set up a FreeBSD6.2 machine and moved my "file server disk" from a
Linux system where it was used before. The disk uses ext2fs. In FreeBSD
I can see all files, when looking at the samba shares from a Windows
2000 system, I do not see all files. I also do not see all files when
using smbclient on FreeBSD.

A test case went like that:

I created 1000 files named "file000" ... "file0999" in a directory. I
could see all of them via Windows.

I created 1000 files named "file-0000.file" ... "file-0999.file" in a
directory. I could see the first 130 files of them.

I added this to my smb.conf, because I found related information on the
web and this fixed some problems with incomplete directory listing which
I encountered a few days ago:

   dos charset = CP850
   unix charset = UTF-8
   display charset = LOCALE

When I copy my large list of files to a UFS volume, I can see the full
listing via Windows.

Apart from switching the ext2s to ufs, does someone has other
suggestions for solving the problem?
Do you suggest another group for this question?

Thanks in advance and best wishes,

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