Problem with Apache22

Peter Uthoff Peter.Uthoff at
Mon Nov 5 14:43:08 PST 2007

Yes, it's using prefork. I made no changes from the default install. The
results of ldd for each of these yielded " =>
/lib/" in each case except for php and, which both returned nothing. Running apache in
debug, attached to the console resulted in output of "Bus Error" and
nothing else. The web logs showed no errors at all.

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Which MPM did you use, if you didn't change it the default is prefork.

how about:
ldd /usr/local/sbin/httpd             | egrep 'libthr|libpthread|libc_r'
ldd /usr/local/libexec/mysqld         | egrep 'libthr|libpthread|libc_r'
ldd /usr/local/bin/php                | egrep 'libthr|libpthread|libc_r'

ldd /usr/local/lib/  | egrep 'libthr|libpthread|libc_r'
ldd /usr/local/lib/      | egrep 'libthr|libpthread|libc_r'
ldd /usr/local/lib/mysql/ | \
	egrep 'libthr|libpthread|libc_r'

So it looks like you don't want threads.  That makes things easier as
its the simpler case. At any rate, you'll want the output of all the
above to match.

Nothing in the ktrace/kdump jumps out at me.  Are you sure it crashed ?
(and you were attached to the correct httpd child)

httpd -X
might be helpful for that.

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