Rebuilding kernel/system to a state "back-in-time"?

Jonathan Horne jhorne at
Mon Nov 5 08:17:07 PST 2007

Quoting Erik Cederstrand <erik at>:

> Should be tag=RELENG_6_2
> That should suffice.
> This assumes you're already running 6.2. As long as you don't switch
> branches (or choose a date before the branch occurred!), you should be
> good to go.
> Erik

i would agree with erik's advice, as IMO its quite sound (when it  
comes to operating a server as opposed to a desktop).  however, i  
would add this detail so that there can be some what and why to go  
with it:

RELENG_6_2 will take you to 6.2-RELEASE-p8.  it *will* be back in  
time, but it will be only 'critical' patches since the intial  

IMO, (and forgive me, i generally dont spew my opinions where they  
arent welcome or asked for), RELENG_6_2 is better for a server over  
RELENG_6 (aka, -STABLE), as it doesnt include items that are not  
critically required for secure and stable operation.  remember, that  
the true -STABLE branch has items merged in from -CURRENT (call it  

let say, you already know that -p8 is the latest 6.2 revision.  you  
get on a server, you log in, and it says 6.2-RELEASE-p8.  you already  
know that this system is up to date.  if you log in, and see  
6.2-STABLE... you dont immediately know when this system was last  
rebuilt without doing some other version checks first.  i have to be  
honest, when it comes to managing a farm full of servers, i like my  
"visual version checks"... the same way i like my women:


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