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White Hat escribió:
>> In response to White Hat :
>>> I have a system that I am setting up that will only be used to test programs.
>>> I therefore want all programs built with debug code. To facilitate that task, I
>>> was wondering if I could put a global flag in the '/etc/make.conf' file.
>>> Assuming that would work, which of these is the better solution.
>>> 2) WITH_DEBUG=1
>>> 3) WITH_DEBUG=true
>>> If there is a better solution, I would appreciate hearing about it.
>> #2 and #3 will work.
>> The key is that the variable is set, not what it's set to. As a joke,
>> you can do WITH_DEBUG=no in make.conf, and confuse the hell out of other
>> sysadmins.
>> Note that there may be additional port-specific debugging that would
>> not be turned on by the global WITH_DEBUG, but you'll have to handle
>> that on a port-by-port basis.
>> -- 
>> Bill Moran
> Interesting. Now if I want to turn DEBUG off for a particular port, would I use:
> 1)    WITH_DEBUG
> 2)    WITH_DEBUG=
> 3)    WITH_DEBUG=""
#2 or #3. Also, take a look at ports-mgmt/portconf.
> One other question. From what I have been reading, the use of 'WITH_DEBUG' also prevents the stripping of debug code when the program is installed. Is that correct, or do I have to use another flag to insure that debug code is not stripped from the installed program?
Yes, it's true. There might be some weird ports, which do things in a 
non-standard way, this might not apply to those, but for the most of our 
ports, which respect the most important macros, it is going to work.

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