ipfw rule question ... all possible interfaces ?

Chris Haulmark chris at sigd.net
Sun Nov 4 20:54:54 PST 2007

> Is there a way to tell ipfw:
> "all interfaces currently configured on this system" ?
> I have a laptop and at any time I could plug in a USB
> NIC or plug in a pccard, in addition to the onboard
> LAN and WIFI, either of which may or may not be
> configured at boot time.
> So the point is, the active, configured interfaces
> changes regularly.
> So if I have a rule like:
> allow ip from any to any via iwi0
> that won't work well, and neither will:
> allow ip from any to any via iwi0,abc0
> So is there any way to say "all interfaces currently
> configured" and have that rule apply to new interfaces
> automatically as they are added and subtracted from
> the system ?

Try this:
allow ip from any to any

Just leave out "via"

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