Is there a way to compare what is in the ports tree with what is installed?

Brett Davidson brett at
Sun Nov 4 19:05:26 PST 2007

Robert Huff wrote:
> Brett Davidson writes:
>>  ie. If I had a particular version of the ports tree on a server,
>>  how could I check to see if any of the programs in that tree were
>>  actually installed?
>>  Is there a simple command or sequence of commands to do this?
> 	dir /var/d/pkg | grep <portname>
> 				Robert Huff
Ah. Not quite but thanks for telling me the location of the pkg 
directory (btw, it's var/db/

I've now worked out how to get what I want via :

cd /var/db/pkg
for i in *
MATCHES=`grep -c $i /usr/ports/INDEX-6`
if [ $MATCHES -gt 0 ]
  #echo "Pattern $i Matched $MATCHES times"
  echo "Pattern $i not matched"

In my case I was looking for files that weren't at the same revision 
level as the ports tree but both options are accounted for.

Thanks all.

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