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> My question is, if you are running a website for 2 different people on the Internet and they both wanted to acquire a domain but you only have one IP address, would it be possible to forward each domain to the same IP address and somehow each one becomes distinct? If so, how is this possible? Can you explain to me how it can be done.
> Oh and for reference, I am not talking about web redirects.

Hi Brian,
to be more generic in the answer, you can map as many FQDN (fully qualified domain name) as you want to a single IP via DNS (you can even enable wildcard records in certain DNS server software that will match *.yourdomain.com to a default IP). 

That tells {client_software} that {this_FQDN} is {this_IP}. {client_software}will use that information in whatever form is suitable to {client_software} - in most cases it will contact {server_sofware} running in a server (or group of servers) running as {this_IP}. It is up to {server_software} to determine how the request from {client_software} is handled. 

For a variety of {server_software}, there is support for named based virtual hosts, where the server will behave differently depending on what FQDN the client is attempting to contact : web servers, FTP servers, etc. Others don't, because it doesn't make sense, or because the protocol used doesn't support such thing (HTTPS, for example).

If you want a more specific answer, you need to defined what you want to do. Odds are, you are talking about websites - the other replies to your mail should have answered that point.

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