odd entry appeared in my routing table

Bob Calder thisisentirelybogus at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 20:17:29 PDT 2007

I am sincerely sorry if this is the wrong place to post. Please direct  
me to the proper forum if possible.

A couple of entries for "bannerconnect.com" have appeared in the  
routing table of my laptop. In one case the entry is in both  
destination and gateway columns and in the other, my IP is in the  
destination and bannerconnect.com is the gateway entry. It shows as  
being "up" and as "host". The normal entries are in the table as well  
and these have not replaced the normal routing entries. I am in a home  
network using DSL on OSX. Looking back through the daily cron, it  
appeared on October 30th and that's all I have been able to figure out.

I know Apple changed things and that you folks may not be able to help  
me but what I'm asking about is a probable method of attack. I flushed  
the table and the entry came back. I believe my hosts file has  
prevented it from being used by directing it to the loopback but that  
may be superstition on my part.


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