imap-uw and sasl

Michael Grant mg-fbsd3 at
Thu Nov 1 09:47:36 PDT 2007

I just installed imap-uw and saslauthd on my box.  I'm having trouble
getting it to accept plain text logins (in fact any logins at all).
I'm trying to authenticate people in the passwd file.

I get the following in the maillog:

Nov  1 11:14:53 myhost ipop3d[97953]: Unexpected client disconnect,
while reading line user=??? []

Yes, the user=??? is just like that with the question marks.  I am
definitely sending the username.

I'm thinking it might be a sasl problem or something I've not
configured with saslauthd but I don't see it.

I see these messages in /var/log/messages but they do not seem
correlated with the time of the I tried to login (and there's many
fewer of them):

Nov  1 11:00:32 charm ipop3d[87124]: Login failed user=myname
auth=myname []

Ideas?  Suggestions where to look for more error messages?

Michael Grant

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