rc and faster bootups

David Naylor blackdragon at highveldmail.co.za
Thu Nov 1 09:22:36 PDT 2007


I've been looking into speeding the FreeBSD bootup speed (currently on my
laptop it is sitting at 2 minutes with autologin with KDE).  One thing I
noticed is the option of rc_fast_and_loose which did not work...

My first question: is there any reason that rc_fast_and_loose is still
around since many scripts simply don't work with it or should someone try
clean up the scripts instead?

Running FreeBSD on a SMP machine it still only runs a sequential boot
process.  Is it possible (and is someone working on it) to run the startup
scripts in parallel.  I have been looking into it and managed to write (in
python, just proof of concept) rcorder replacement that outputs sufficient
information in order to run the boot scripts in parallel.  If someone is
willing to mentor me I am eager to continue my investigation.

Thank you.


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