Getting errors writing large iso image to DVD (bug in atapi driver?)

Yuri yuri at
Thu Nov 1 00:56:35 PDT 2007

Yes, TDK disks are x16 for writing, so as Pioneer burner and software.
Once I lowered maximum speed to x4 problem seems to go away.

Thank you for advice,

> Just a question: do both DVD disks and DVD writer have a maximum speed limit
> x16?
> I am asking because I experienced similar problem on TDK disks; in my case
> the speed limit was x8. The writer managed to successfully write some disks
> while failing on others. After I have limited speed to x4, all the disks were
> written successfully. It looks like when I go maximum, the disk quality is in
> question. Have you tried setting the speed limit below the maximum?

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