question about superkaramba

Beni beni at
Sat Mar 31 08:22:42 UTC 2007

On Saturday 31 March 2007 06:15:08 Kimi Ostro wrote:
> On 30/03/07, freenity <antonmaster at> wrote:
> > Hi.
> Hi
> > I have installed the latest super karamba for kde 3.5.4 on my freebsd
> > 6.2release amd64.
> I notice SuperKaramba is very Linuxcentric, sadly.
> > I installed a theme called GlassMonitor that is supposed to show some
> > statistics about cpu, memory, disks and internet traffic.
> > It detects some  of them but not all. It doesnt detect the cpu frequency,
> > cpu temp, ip address and partitions.
> > I dont know how does karamba work, thats why I need help. Do you know if
> > it can be a problem with the theme, karamba or some kernel
> > configuration??

You will have to edit 
~.kde/share/apps/superkaramba/themes/<name_of_theme/file.theme (it's a text 

For your processor name and speed, you will have to modify the lines that 
contain "/proc/cpuinfo..." to " cat /compat/linux/proc/cpuinfo..." (because 
of the linux-centric way i suppose)

Same for your partitions ans ip address (chage the "eth0" to your network card 
interface, vr0 or whatever).

Hope this helps,


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