Moving paritions around

John L johnl at
Fri Mar 30 16:41:38 UTC 2007

>> Boot from a CD, change the partition table to make the FreeBSD partition
>> start right after the Windows partition
> Well, sort of maybe.    Do you mean the partition table or slice table?

It's the think that fdisk manages, which I guess in BSD-ese is the slice 

> First, I am guessing that you used some utility to officially shrink
> the slice (windows primary partition) where MS-Win is installed.


> So, delete the existing FreeBSD slice with fdisk (or in sysinstall)
> and then create a new one that encompasses all the left over space.


>> Use dd to move down the existing FreeBSD partition data so it starts
>> at the beginning of the new partition
> No, this is no good.   You cannot reuse the old partition data on the
> new slice because the new slice is a different size.

I know it's a different size.  I figured I'd go in with bsdlabel and fix 
up the partitition table after I dd'ed it up, then use growfs.


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