where environment variable MAIL was set?

Vince jhary at unsane.co.uk
Fri Mar 30 09:59:39 UTC 2007

Zheng Tianyu wrote:
> Hi, All
> My account name is airfish, after I sued to root, I found that the 
> environment variable MAIL remained MAIL=/var/mail/airfish. As a result,
> when I start mutt, it opens the airfish's mailbox. That's not what i
> desired. But I can't find where the MAIL is set. Should I unsetenv MAIL
> in my root's login file?

>From the manpage:
 By default, the environment is unmodified with the exception of USER,
     HOME, and SHELL.


-l      Simulate a full login.  The environment is discarded except for
             HOME, SHELL, PATH, TERM, and USER.  HOME and SHELL are
	     modified as above.

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