Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Fri Mar 30 04:33:16 UTC 2007

Lumbu, Mfumuke wrote:
> Hi! Marcel,
> I got a FreeBSD 6.1 release image that i'm running on VM player. Since
> all your FreeBSD images are asking for a password and i'm not in the
> sudoers file,so i'm not able to install packages. I was wondering if it
> was possible to load the VM image that i got in Deterlab. Or if you can
> grant me a sudoer privilege, i will be able to install packages on
> Deterlab FreeBSD images.
> Thanks.
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> *From:* Garrett Cooper [mailto:youshi10 at]
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> *To:* Lumbu, Mfumuke
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> Marcel Erz wrote:
>> Hello!
>> On which operating system? Do you have already an image for the VM player?
>> Is VM player already installed on you computer? For the future: Give us
>> more
>> information to figure out ur problems. It will help to get an answer!
>> Marcel
>> On 3/28/07, Lumbu, Mfumuke <mclumbu at> wrote:
>>> Hi!
>>> I want to play FreeBSD image with my VM player how can i do it?
>>> Thanks
> This is a FreeBSD forum, not a VMware support forum. I think that they
> have one of those on the main site that you should look for.
> -Garrett

Talk to whoever made the Freebsd images. The larger Freebsd community
doesn't distribute VMware player images.

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