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On Mar 29, 2007, at 7:10 PM, Jonathan Horne wrote:

> to test the behavior of both buildworld and updating ports with  
> portupgrade, i started my project over, and rebuilt my jail host as  
> FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE.  within this, i configured 2 jails, and  
> installed various ports that i run on other production systems  
> (actually, i installed from a ports tree that i cvsup'd with date  
> 2007., so that i could legitimately test upgrading to  
> todays copy).  today, i cvsup'd the sources on the host to 6.2- 
> RELEASE-p3, and built world.  i installed world, and rebooted, but  
> did not update either of the jails, just to see what would happen  
> with the host running p3, and the jails running RELEASE.  to my  
> surprise, both jails were running p3 when the host came back up.
> so what am i missing about jail theory here?  how did that kernel  
> get into my jails if i did not install it?

Jails all run on the base kernel

>   what about the rest of userland?

That needs to be updated per jail.  I use a master jail I nullfs  
mount so I just ave to update userland once but if major etc changes  
happen still have to do that in each


> at what version should i expect that to be at, at this point?
> thanks,
> jonathan
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