splitting a filesystem

Evren Yurtesen yurtesen at ispro.net
Thu Mar 29 19:17:24 UTC 2007

Jerry McAllister wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 29, 2007 at 06:55:07PM +0300, Evren Yurtesen wrote:
>>Is it possible to split an existing filesystem into smaller ones(1to2).
> Well, sort of.
> You can back everything up with dump(8)
> Then delete the partition and make two in its place.
> Then newfs the two new partitions to create filesystems of them.
> Then restore(8) the parts of the old one you want on to the two
> new ones.
> I wonder if it is worthwhile though.  
> Just make two main directories and divide the stuff and don't
> worry if they are both in the same partition.

I am not worried about the data, I want to split /tmp filesystem so I can mount 
it as /tmp and /var/tmp seperately.

Because I want to enable noexec on these and unreachable from each other, it is 

The problem was that I use open_basedir with php and session files are in 
/var/tmp while open_basedir allows /tmp only and programs(like joomla) get 
confused and say that they cant write to the session directory. But they 
actually can because session files are created automatically by php, they are
just not able to set directory manually. (which is weird thing of php)

Programs like joomla and oscommerce etc. work just fine but for example joomla 
installer complains and my customers tell me that 'joomla says your server is 
bad' :p

But now I think about it again if I put the open_basedir to /var/tmp which gets 
preset in programs most used by my customers then I should set session save path 
to /tmp and same problem would occur.

Anyhow :) it was a stupid idea... sorry to bother you all with it :)


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