Install with modified kernel?

jekillen jekillen at
Thu Mar 29 03:42:06 UTC 2007

Hello again:
It is only fair to post this addenda to the message thread with
this subject:
 From various suggestions from list responses, UUASC and I
seem to remember one from this list also, that the problem
could be consecutive addresses on the same subnet is
what is causing the problem.
I was asked by message from UUASC (Unix Users Association Of Southern 
to try changing the address. So I change it to (just for the sake of 
difference) with netmask of and I WAS able to ping the 
inter face
nfe0 (could ping)
nfe1 (could not ping)
nfe1 changed to (now returns ping request)
so that does seem to make a difference. I do not know
why. But it looks like I will be able to go ahead and assign
it the public ip address and it should work.
Jeff K

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