Updating php5-interbase

Roger Merritt mcrogerm at stjohn.ac.th
Thu Mar 29 01:36:07 UTC 2007

While updating my ports, I've run into a problem. portversion shows 
php5-interbase needs updating, but when I ran 'portupgrade 
php5-interbase' I got the message: '==> Please do not build firebird 
as 'root' because this may cause conflicts with SysV semaphores of 
running services' ... 'Stop in 
/usr/ports/databases/firebird2-client'. When I try to build it as 
another user, I'm told I don't have permissions.

I've tried searching Google, including the special BSD search page, 
with no luck. I couldn't find anything in the firebird documentation. 
What should I try next? Actually, I didn't even know I had Firebird 
installed, so I presume it's been pulled in as a dependency for 
another port. I don't object to having it, because it looks like an 
excellent RDBMS, but I'd like to either update it or deinstall it.


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