the art of pkgdb -F

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Wed Mar 28 20:24:36 UTC 2007

On Wed, 28 Mar 2007 00:19:47 -0500
"illoai at" <illoai at> wrote:

> Obviously, as I am not about to batter you
> about the neck and head with the beam projecting
> from my eye (hold still, you've got a . . .),
> I can only suggest a decent cringe&pray
> manouver (as I execute from time to time),
> and a stout attempt to wean oneself off,
> albeit
> % portupgrade -fr blorf*
> is quite seductive, nearly doubly so when
> blorf* is actually gettext.arg.bah.
> ports-mgmt/portmaster disposes with the
> hairy databases and leering dependancies
> at the cost of being slightly less . . . err, come
> to think of it, after a bit of man page perusal
> I cannot think of anything that I use portupgrade
> for that portmaster seems to be missing.  YMMV
> as usual.
The gettext upgrade is actually a good example of what portupgrade
offers. With portupgrade the -rf option is advisable, but not
essential, with portmaster, it's essential that the -r option is used,
If it's not, or the upgrade fails to complete, you can end-up with not
much more than the base-system working.

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