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Giorgos Keramidas keramida at
Wed Mar 28 09:46:09 UTC 2007

On 2007-03-27 23:36, Ivan Zenzerovi? <zenzof1 at> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> i managed to install it, and, in fact I'm working on it right now.
> It's great, just tell me, I should compile my kernel at this point?
> And a question: I don't like this xorg, and I have installed KDE but
> how do I run KDE?

Right after your first FreeBSD installation, you are certainly *not*
expected to rush into rebuilding a kernel, for any reason.  In fact,
this could be a dangerous exercise.  It's far too easy to build a kernel
which lacks critical components, and render your system unbootable (at
least unbootable without manual intervention).

Since you are new to the FreeBSD system, my suggestion would be to
forget about rebuilding kernels, optimizing compiler flags, and tweaking
knobs here and there.  Now that you have a working FreeBSD installation
you should *read* about the system you have just installed.

There is a wealth of information about FreeBSD both in the CD-ROM set
which you used to install it, and online.  You should, at least, check
the following:

  * The README.TXT file at the toplevel directory of your
    installation CD-ROM.

  * The web pages at

  * The FreeBSD FAQ book, at

    The FAQ contains a lagre list of frequently asked questions
    about FreeBSD.  You will find answers there about a very
    diverse range of topics, including such obscure things as
    ``I managed to trash by boot loader, what should I do now?''.

  * The FreeBSD Handbook, at

    The FreeBSD Handbook is the largest book written by the
    FreeBSD documentation team.  It is both a guide for the
    beginning user, and a common reference for administrators
    setting up services with FreeBSD.

    Your answer about KDE vs. X11 is already answered in the

Note that a copy of the Handbook and all the articles, books and
other reference material related to the FreeBSD release you have
just installed, are also conveniently available in the CD-ROM you
used to install FreeBSD.  You can install them locally too, by
logging in as root and running ``sysinstall'':

    # sysintall

Follow the menus to add the ``doc'' distribution, and then you
will have a copy of all the documentation articles and books at:


Welcome to FreeBSD, and if you have other questions regarding its
every day use and operation, feel free to email this list again :-)

- Giorgos

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