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> I'm looking at
> while I run it myself. I'm finding wonderful questions like
> Stale dependency: p5-Authen-SASL-2.09 -> p5-GSSAPI-0.24
> (security/p5-GSSAPI): p5-Geography-Countries-1.4 (score:26%) ?
> ([y]es/[n]o/[a]ll) [no] 
> I must ask. How the hell am I supposed to know?? I build that as a
> dependency of something that I built months ago. There's a good
> chance that I'll be simply guessing at all of the answers. 
> Is it really useful to run this if you can't remember? And why am I
> remembering anyway? That's what a packaging system is for, isn't it?

You can run:

	portmanager -u -p -l

That will rebuild all broken and or missing dependencies for all of
your ports.

If you just want to correct a single port, try this:

	portmanager /port/name-of-port -p -l



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