question about ports: php5-extensions

James liu liuping.james at
Wed Mar 28 03:43:30 UTC 2007

FB 6,,,,i first setup freetds in /usr/local/freetds
and use its tsql to test connect ms sql server, it is ok.

setup php5-extensions,,and click mssql(option)

i find it use another freetds,,,but not show me error information.  setup is

i can find mssql support with phpinfo.

so i use
        $dbhost = "";
        $dbname = "t";
        $dbpass = "123123";
        $dbuname = "test";

        $con = mssql_connect($dbhost, $dbuname, $dbpass);
        $ret = mssql_select_db($dbname);
        $sql = " select top 10 IdxID as id, Topic as posttopic from ttt
        $result = mssql_query($sql);

        while($row = mssql_fetch_array($result)){
                echo "ID:".$row['id']."name:".$row['posttopic'];


and it show me
Unable to connect:

i use winxp and tsql(freetds test tool)to test connection...they all ok.

i read php handbook and google,,,,all show me setup with

but php5-extensions seems to do it....(just click checked mssql)

am i right? and how can i fix it ?

anyone know?


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